History & Background

Multi Development launched in NL in 1983

Became largest developer and manager of Shopping Centres across Europe & Turkey* via Merrill Lynch MSREF V Fund. (*Source PropertyEU Magazine from 2007)

Corporate marketing to all int. & ext. stakeholders, global investors and real estate capital allocators, pension funds, governments, municipalities, retailers, architects, designers & constructors, academics. (186 major European shopping/mixed-use centres developed incl. 11 in Turkey

Multi Mall Management is responsible for running 56 operational shopping centres.


Key Points

All Corporate mission & vision marketing. Industry and market PR representation incl. crisis PR management, Annual Reports, Brochures/materials, presentations, Editorials, Interviews and thought leadership via “Multi Knowledge Centre,” Events & Trade Fairs, Digital representation & engagement, CSR, Multi Magazine, Global design synergy, Tenders etc.

Mall Management initiatives like “Celebrating 2Billion visitors” Guinness World Records tour of Turkey, World Press Photo etc. Retail Best Practices management.

New project openings, destination marketing, traffic building, yield boosting, international and local retail partnerships, Digital, CRM & social media management & innovations. Leisure and entertainment development incl. MyForum – winner of 2013 ICSC award for New Technology/Emerging Media.



Acknowledged leadership in retail real estate presentation & marketing

Highest awareness and saliency amongst all target groups

Strong & leveraged press relations

Highly successful mall marketing incl. beneficial retailer partnerships and proven program roll-outs.

Most digitally active and innovating “Places for people to be” provider/manager globally.



My Forum

Annual Reports





Press Inserts


Interview GWR


prop·a·gate (prp-gt)

1. To cause (an organism) to multiply or breed. 2. To transmit (characteristics) from one generation to another. 3. To extend to broader areas or larger number; spread. 4. To make widely known; propagate a message.