How we work

International expansion is more than selling in new markets - it is about creating a new identity. Transfer, fitting and shaping. We are experts in asking and then answering the essential questions.



We start by creating a strategic marketing plan, not just creative product marketing or brand marketing, but strategically based on sound analysis where asking the right questions is key.


Fixed Factors

Assessed up front

We first help define and help describe the optimum value and transferability of the key value factors of our clients. We cover Company strengths, Management Team, Resources/Funding, Objectives/Criteria, Leverageable brand assets, Vision, Competition in home market, etc


Expansion services

We then draw up and discuss the Global Marketing plan along with new-entry strategies

Core company vision and mission statement communication and essential content creation

A Profiling plan for investors, partners, distributors, foreign and other stakeholders

Project and/or product communication via corporate materials, presentations, sales scripts, videos, websites, events, direct marketing, company/brand magazines, social media, advertising and promotion

Advice and cost-control of suppliers/service providers

Networking and personal marketing, PR and presentation support


Variable Factors to be assessed

Speed/timing and setting KPI’s

Market characteristics/demand/alternatives/competitive value analysis

Usage and purchase traditions

Company/brand knowledge and image among new stakeholders

Target and target group perceptions (core & secondary/influencers)

Economic development/demographics (eg. ‘Greys” in Europe, Family power in ME and Asia, 2 parents working in US etc.)

Product/s/range fit, (eg. heating (north)/cooling (south), access to fresh water, fit to local and global “fashion” icons and idols.)

Distribution – (eg. malls, hyper/supermarkets, high street stores, shop in shops, flagship, pop-up, specialists, pick-up points, home delivery, kiosks, dispensers,
 Packaging and purchase experience – (eg. Single use sachets in developing markets, Jumbo sizes in US etc.)

POS and shopper marketing opportunities

Service and support variances

Evidence assessment, Expert opinion and testimonials

Brand ambassadors

Media and influencing landscape

Legal and other requirements

We assess these and any other pertinent influences on implementing a smart marketing launch plan in your designated markets – and we report to you with honesty and transparency

prop·a·gate (prp-gt)

1. To cause (an organism) to multiply or breed. 2. To transmit (characteristics) from one generation to another. 3. To extend to broader areas or larger number; spread. 4. To make widely known; propagate a message.